Team Flash Youth Boys race outstanding at Yorba Linda!!

Team Flash let the kids loose at the 5th annual CPR Youth XC meet in Yorba Regional park.

The Highlight of the day went to the last race of the day the Youth boys (13&14) finishing in first place as a team and maybe one if not the best race by any Flash boys team ever! Jared run a club record for this course and the overall club record for a 4k race, Jude 5h and Sebastian 6th run the 2nd and 3rd fastest time for any team flash member at this course!!

Jared lead up front, finishing in 2nd an a club record 13:55.56 4k

Jude 5th (14:35.27) and Sebastian 6th(14:36.15) run super races!!

Team Finish 1st

2 Steins,Jared 13:55.56
5 Robledo,Jude 14:35.27
6 Contreras,Sebastian 14:36.15
30 Taekya Kim, Andrew 17:39.76

8&U Girls/Boys 

Grace & Charlie run great races both finishing in 3rd place. Jojo and Delilah improve big from last year race.


3th Smith, Grace 9:54.32
8th Reger, Delilah 11:15.24

3th Kam, Charles  7:59.51

11th Josiah, Johnson 9:11.55

9&10 Girls Emily lead the charge with a 6th place finish and a fast time of 12:02 , Maleah(13:59) run a strong race after a fall at the start of the race.

Team Finish 4th



6th Ritter, Emily 12:02.48
17th Johnson, Maleah 13:59.49
23th Smith, Kaitlyn 14:41.37
24th Rodriguez,Valentina 14:51.27
27th Duralde, Reese 15:20.03
28th Zissig, Natalia 15:26.68
31th Qixuan Luo, Jenny 15:37.08
32th Malaia, Reger 15:42.76
37th Bravo, Avery 16:22.51

9&10 Boys Finn and Dustin finished 4th and 5th to lead team flash to a 2nd place finish. Adan and Hunter are developing to be strong runners in upcoming races!

Team Finsh 2nd 


4th Miller,Finn 11:44.00
5th Widrig,Dustin 12:11.20
14th Amezcua, Adan 14:01.34
15th Gillespie,Hunter 14:13.09
29th Kam, Calvin 18:27.17

11&12 Girls Denise & Aariana finish 9th and 10th follow close by Sierra (13th)

Team finish 4th



9 Jie Yi, Denise 11:47.51
10 Amezcua, Aariana 11:50.54
13 Delos Rios, Sierra 12:10.61
17 Contreras,Isabella 12:18.91
26 Polite, Baylin 12:49.32
28 Duralde, Kennedy 12:57.45
31 Chiotii, Megan 13:10.74
50 Candia, Izel 15:03.39

11&12 Boys: Rudy finish 10th with a strong time of  11:26 improving over one minute improvement!

Team Finish 5th

10 Padilla, Rudy 11:26.81
20 Hernandez,Conner 12:27.08
21 Esparza, Luis 12:28.18
30 Candia, Niko 13:33.36

13&14 Girls Madison was our only member at this age group running her first ever 4k race and will have an opportunity to improved her time in future races.

34 Bravo, Madison 21:55.62

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