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New 10 week Session 10/17 to 12/23 5pm

New 10 week session 10/17 to 12/23

IMG_0093Monday/Wed /Friday (Veterans Park) (5pm)
14877 Eucalyptus Avenue Veterans Park is located on the corner of Chino Hills Parkway and Eucalyptus Avenue.



entranceTuesday&Thursday (Boys Republic)(Track) (5pm)
1907 Boys Republic Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709
New kids always welcome ( come for a free visit)

New kids please download waiver bring to practice!!


Free Spirit XC Inv

imgresYouth XC – Free Spirit Invitational

When:Sunday, Oct 16, 2016

Where:Legg Lake, Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. 750 S. Santa Anita Avenue South El Monte, CA 91733 (map)


Course: Is a Flat/Fast course Dirt/Grass and turns

Parking: $6

Schedule: Course walk at 8:30 am first race will start at 9:15 and it will be a rolling schedule

Estimated Schedule:(note time schedule is only approximationplease plan ahead and show up 60 to 90 minutes before your race!

  • Open 5k : 8am
  • 8&U Girls 9:15 (Natalia,Maleah,Emily,Jenny)
  • 8&U Boys 9:30(Chanse,Josiah,Ethan,Charles,Nikolas,Michael)
  • 9&10Girl9:45(Reese,Malaia,Isabella,Kennedy,Sereen,Mia,Mackenzie,Katie,Denise)
  • 9&10 Boys 10:10(Nash,Dustin,Fin,Damien,Jeremy,Conner,Calvin)
  • 11&12 Girls 10:30(Megan,Aariana,Rachel,Sierra,Baylin)
  • 11&12 Boys 10:50(Luis,Rudy,Sebastian,Jude,David,Shane)
  • 13&14 Girls 11:15(Aleena,Keili,Sophia,Lily M,Lily W.,Brianna O.Brianna K.,Karis)
  • 13&14 Boys 11:40(Jared,Austin,Andrew )

Team Flash has been preregister!

More info and course map

Runners of the week!

Austin:(13-14) runs outstanding finishing 5th

Jude: (11-12) runs 11:30 on a hilly course finishing 12th &#2 for flash

Nash: (9-10)runs best race as a flash member finish 13th and #2 for flash

Keili: (13-14) Keili runs best XC race ever and finishes 8th #2 for flash helping the team to a 1st place finish

Baylin: Finish 13th running a strong race

Team Flash closing the gaps!

8&UGirls Emily continues her fine season finishing 2nd overall

8&U Boys Chance lead with a 17th place finish






14502802_1235081596531780_1319608163043878373_n(9-10 Girls) Denise 10th Kennedy 12th and Baylin 13th led the team to a 2nd place finish


14570371_1235079803198626_1433380384132848319_n(9-10 Boys) Finn finishes 9th and Nash runs big race finishing 2nd for the team and 13th over all helping the team to a 2nd place finish





14523225_1235081446531795_3319371356334773720_n(11-12 Girls) Aariana A. led the team with a 11th place finish ,Sierra 24th,Megan 27th and Rachel 29th had a great 19 second gap (Team finish 3rd)

14484977_1235080556531884_6938714857994878067_n(11-12 Boys ) Sebastian lead with a 6th place finish follow by a gutsy race from Jude improving to a 11:30 and a 12th place finish ( Team finishes 3rd)




14581375_1235080899865183_8633806410014571053_n(13-14 Girls) Best team race of the day went to the youth girls lead by front runner Lily Miller in 4th follow by a breakthrough race Keili Ishitani (8th) and a team attack Giselle(11th),Sophia(12th),Lily W.,(13th),Brianna(14th),Karis(15th) Team finish (1st)


14492547_1235080486531891_6644544100706726262_n(13-14 Boys) Jared 4th and Austin 5th run outstanding front running and team work finishing 2 seconds apart 15:41 and 15:43


10/2/2016 Road runners XC Inv

imagesWhen: 10/2/2016

Where: Martin Tudor Park (Formerly know as Jurupa Reg park)

Address: 11925 Sierra Ave Fontana,Ca 92337

Course : Mostly dirt/some grass/sidewalk/some hills


Order of Events

  1. Girls 8 &U 8:30 am Boys 8&U
  2.  Girl 9&10 Boys 9&10
  3.   Girls 11&12 Boys 11&12
  4.   Girls 13&14 Boys 13&14


oNOTE: Coach Ben will be collecting $15 for the next 3 races turn money in by Thursday (all kids will be preregister)


Runners of the Week




  • Finn M. finishes 2nd in the (9-10) div
  • Sebastian C. finishes 3rd in the (11-12) div
  • Jared S. Wins first ever XC Race


Karis 13-14 finishes 11th helping the team to finish 2nd

Aariana 11-12 lead the team in the 11-12 div with a 12 place finish

Kennedy 9-10 runs brave and finishes 6th helping the team finish 2nd





Great Team Racing at Yorba regional

Team Flash XC results at Yorba regional

14344810_1223590987680841_4959476696175461015_n14332919_1223589907680949_4283949561129168276_n8&U Girls 1st

Emily lead the charge with a ( 3rd) place finish and Natalia follow in (4th) Maleah coming from a great summer training finished our team score in (9th)


8&U Boys 2nd

  • Charly Kam finished 5th wth a time of (8:24)

9&10 Girls 2nd14358822_1223589757680964_1763647325548970924_n

  • Denise finishes 2nd and Kennedy D. runs a Brave race finishing 6th
  • Team Flash finishes 2nd as a team missing first by one point

14316704_1223590461014227_8739176948412431567_n9&10 Boys 1st

  • Team Flash was lead by Finn M. with a outstanding run finishing 2nd
  • Nash (8th) Dustin (9th) Jeremy(14th)




14322535_1223590904347516_5079805604341728644_n14333582_1223590947680845_8979225736417185216_n11&12 Girls 3rd

  • Aariana lead the team with a 12th place finish
  • Megan runs (13:00) improves by 3 minutes from last year!




14322736_1223590524347554_5299002475892643700_n11&12 Boys 3rd

  • Sebastian C. runs best race ever finishing in 3rd with a time of (10:46)
  • Jude(15th) 11:37


14370014_1223590344347572_9205536586384884310_n13&14 Girls 2nd

  • Lilly (6th)and Giselle (7th) Karis (11th) and Lilly W. (13th) Best team Flash Pack team.



1314322473_1223591161014157_8213166827524151659_n&14 Boys Jared 1st Austin 7th

  • Jared, Steins wins his first ever cross country race and gives team flash also a first win in the youth division, Austin(7th) finished in the top 10

Official results here

Pictures here

Yorba Regional park XC Inv 9/18/2016

11048604_623579964412176_5316282408026621819_nEvent is held SUNDAY, Sept. 18, 2016
Address: 7600 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807
Yorba Regional Park.. Shelter #2
OPEN 5k (Coaches &Parents) starts approx.. *8:30am
Racing Schedule
5k B/G Open 8:30(Coach Ben/Mr.Hansen/Mr. Reger/Mr Li Chen)
2k Girls 8&U 9:15(Natalia/Maleah/Emily/Jenny)
2k Boys 8&U 9:30 (Chance/Charly/Josiah/Niko/Michael
3k Girls 9-10 9:55(Reese/Malaia/Denise/Isabella/Kennedy/Mackenzie/Kattie/Mia/Sereen
3k Boys 9-10 10:15(Nash/Dustin/Finn/Jeremy
3k Girls 11-12 10:35(Baylin/Sierra/Megan/Nikki/Aariana/Rachel
3k Boys 11-12 10:55(Luis/Rudy/Sebastian/Jude/David/Shane
4k Girls 13-14 11:15(Aleena/Keili/Sophia/Lily W/Lily M/Brianna O./Brianna K/Karis/Giselle
4k Boys 13-14 11:40(Austin/Jared


  • (all this kids have been preregister)
  • look for Team Flash red conopies Coach Eric will have bib numbers)
  • Plan ahead and show up no later than 60 minutes before your race
  • Bring extra water and snacks
  • Fee: $10 Turn in money to Coach Ben
  • all kids will be preregister

Team Flash Outstanding Racing at Creekside Park

20160825_1923091Just coming out of a great summer training Team Flash unleashed the troops at the final race in Creekside Park.

Many kids race outstanding and most got personal best time but the race of the day went to Youth DualJared Steins (2nd)(11:27) &Austin Lemus (3rd) (11:28) overall and 1st and 2nd for Youth division

In the Girls Division Sophia Byers led the way with a 3rd place overall (13:05) first for youth division , andKeili Ishitani (13:34) 8th overall and 4th for the youth division

Luis Huerta runs fastest time of the day (10:03)

Official results here