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Chino Hills Flash - CHINO HILLS FLASH TC

Oustanding racing for Team-Flash in vegas! Qualifies all 12 runners to nationals!

Team-Flash delivers one of the best Team performances in club history qualifies all 12 kids to nationals!


8&U Boys
Finn Miller continues his fine racing season finishing 9th with a time of 8:19 follow by the much-improveddual Calvin Kam (24th) & Dustin Widrig(25th) all three kids will be representing team flash at nationals!

9-10 Girls
Team Flash Girls 9-10 have been on a mission for the last 3 weeks improving their times and bonding as a team. The goal was to qualify as a team to nationals this was not going to be easy having the #1 girl from association stay home they knew it was going to take something special to accomplish the goal.
The girls took the challege by the horns and run their heart out at midway point Denise and Sierra were sitting at 35th place and moving ,Megan follow close Isabella was holding position and our 5th scores were Baylin and Nikki only 30 yards behind the other teams 5th score/ with 600 meters to go Team-Flash use a late surge or increase pace at 400 to go all of the girls were at full sprint and we knew it was going to be close by the end of the race Denise (27th) & Sierra (30th) Megan finished at (13:56) Isabella (14:27), Baylin (14:52) & Nikki (15:00) both running oustanding times. Team had done they took 5th and final spot for nationals!

11-12 Girls
Lilly Miller Finishes with a fast time of (12:08) (28th)

11-12 Boys
Jared Steins fough during the race to keep position in the top 30 with 400 meters to go he surge and had the best kik of the day pasing many runners and finishes (17th) with his second fastes time of his season (11:15)

13-14 Girls
Abigale Rippe runs a well pace race and gets herself a ticket to nationals finishing (23th) (16:22)

Official results here


Runners of the Week!

12240107_10206608247183178_1099655429400218343_nbazcxo-NUWP0-hLyPvtqIdAtX72HqBW_0A1Fmvf7ddMBoys Runners of the Week!

Ko Akabori (13&14) Runs a Super Race running Personal Best time of 14:37!!

Luis Esparza:(9&10) Runs Personal best time (13:02)




Girls Runners of the Week!


Sierra DelosRios (9-10) step up big for team flash finishing 33rd overall and 3rd for the team.

Maleah Johnson (8&U) runs her best race of her seasson!

Baylin Polite(9-10) Runs Personal Best time and finish 5th for team Flash helping the team Q to Regional meet in Vegas!


14 Flash Kids to XCRegionals in Vegas !


The 9-10 year old girls put together the best team effort in years Kaela and Denise work together from the start and manage to finish 21st and 25th Sierra steep up the pace on the 3rd lap as she saw team members suffering from crams she put together her best race of the season finishing 3d for the team and 33rd overall, Isabella dig in and finish 52nd,Baylin close hard on the last 800 meters of the race running her best time of the seasson 15:23 helping Megan to the finish line they finished 65th and 66th, Nikki 16:10,Ellie runs her best time of the seasson 18:32/ This kind of effort has its reward the team took 5th and last qualyfing spot for regionals next week in Vegas.

Individual Girls Qualifiers:
Lily Miller (11-12) division: (21st)
Abigale Rippe (13-14)runs her best time of the season (15:49) (21st)

Individual Boys Quialifiers:
Finn Miller (7th) Calvin Kam (18th) Dustin (21st)
Jared Steins (17th)


craig ranch course maps

Regionals Venue:
Craig Ranch Regional Park
628 W Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89032







imagesWhen: Sunday 11/15/2015
Location:Arcadia County Park
405 S Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006
Course Walk:8am
Start time: First race will start at 9am and will be a rolling schedule



Team Flash entries;
F 8 & Under 2000m run
A : Emily Ritter, Maleah Johnson, Natalia Zeissig
F 9-10 3000m run
A : Baylin Polite, Ellie Cisneroz, Isabella Contreras, Jie Yi Denise
Chen, Kayla Mcbride, Megan Chiotti, Nikki Korneff, Sierra de los Rios
F 11-12 3000m run
A : Aleena de los Rios, Amber McKenzie, Gracie Cisneroz, Keili Ishitani,
Lily Miller, Lily Widrig, Madeline Rippe, Sophia Byers
F 13-14 4000m run
A : Abigail Coleman, Abigale Rippe, Brett Brown, Brianna King, Madison
Thayer, Meghan Thompson, Nirali Patel


M 8 & Under 2000m run
A : Calvin Kam, Dustin Widrig, Finn Miller, Michael Chiotti, Ryan Fass,Charles Kam
M 9-10 3000m run
A : Benjamin Rippe, Carson Ruhnke, Jeremy Byers, Joshua Ishitani, Kyle
Mcbride, Luis Esparza
M 11-12 3000m run
A : Ben Cisneroz, Jared Steins, Robert Walter, Sebastian Contreras
M 13-14 4000m run
A : Andrew Akabori
M 15-16 5000m run
A : Aaron Perry, Derek Kutsunai, Justin Montenegro, Richard Guzman, Tyler

Note: All Team Flash Kids have been pre register and Paid;
Make sure you turn in your $10 to Coach Ben for race entrie.




Runnes of the week







Girls runners of the week
Kayla Mcbride: 9&10 (3k) Outstanding first race finish 5th and runs 2nd fastest time in club history for 9&10 Girls12:36

Abigale Rippe: 13&14 (4k) Finishes 6th with a personal best time of 16:25 #5 all time for 13-&14 division

Megan Chiotti: 9&10 (3k) has a breaktrough race finishing 13th place and a personal best time of 13:37

Keili Ishitani: 11&12 (3k) runs her best race as a Flash member finishes 19th with a personal best time of 12:17


Carson12003914_623582961078543_7064284244655866099_n (2)








Carson Ruhnke: (9&10)(3k)Runs a super race finishing 6th with a time of (11:56) just missing team flash record by one second

Sebastian Contreras:(11&12)(3K) Runs a strong race and finish with a personal best time of 12:01 #4th time in the alltime list for Team Flash 11&12



Team Flash coming together at Halloween festival!

Team Flash does it again delivering a great event with 20 teams and over 400 finishers it was the biggest in team history it was great to see many familiar faces alumni and parents helping out . The Team handle themselves like champions taking care of warming up and staying rested waiting for their races, Coaches could not be more proud, Team Flash had the best race of the season with over 95% of the kids getting Personal best times taking home many top 10 individual finishers medals and top 3 team Trophies.

DSC_46308&U Girls
Emily runs strong race and finishes in the top 10th Maleah improves to 10:42
Team Finish 5th




8&U Boys 11251777_635584113211761_7412429576221321692_n
The 8 and under boys put together another great performace with 3 in the top 10 leading the way was Finn Miller. finish a strong 2nd place with a new Team flash record of (8:07.5) finishing 7th was Dusting Widrig (8:24.7) and with a 10th place finish was Calvin Kam. (8:30.5)
Team Finish (2nd)

DSC_47319&10 Girls
The most improved team in 2015 has been the 9&10 Team Flash girls Kayla Mcbride had an impresive deput finishing an oustanding 5th place finish with a time of 12:36 followining were Denise (10th) Isabella (11th) and running a breaktrough race was Megan (13th)Sierra improves to (14:18) and running seasson best times were Baylin (15:19) & Nikki (15:58).
Team Finish (2nd)

9&10 Boys
Carson Ruhnke finishes 6th running a stellar performance of 11:56 just missing Team flash record by one second,Ben rippe runs a strong race finishinng (12th)(12:17) making him #3 in the all time list, Luis(13:42)and making their deput at this distance were Kyle(13:50),Jeremy (13:52)& Joshua (15:52)
Team Finish (5th)

DSC_858011&12 Girls
Lilly Miller finish in the top 10 with a time of 11:49 4th all time for team flash,running a breaktrough performance was Keili I. (19th) (12:17) Sophia improves to (12:25)Running on a pack Amber (28th),Aleena (30th) Lily W. (32th) Madeline (38th) and a Big Season best time by Gracie C. (14:52)
Team finish 4th

11&12 Boys
Jared finish 7th with a time of (11:10) good for #2 in the alltime list, Sebastian (12:01) & Ben C (12:14) run personal best times.
Team finish 4th

13&14 Girls
Abigail R. run up front and never let up finishing 6th with a time of 16:25 good for 5th alltime for Team Flash ,Aby runs seasson best 18:48

13&14 Boys
Ko finishes 20th with a time of 15:57

Official Results here:2015 Flash Halloween Results

Action Photos here:


2015 Halloween XC Festival 11/1/2015

prado pict6th Annual Halloween Festival

When:November 1st, 2015

Where:Prado Park 16700 S Euclid Ave Chino, CA 91708 Run through the trails of Prado Regional Park Grounds in Chino, CA!

Course Videos click here:

4K= 2 loops of 2k

5k= 3k+2k loop

Fees: 5 & Under / 2K / 3K / 4K Cross-Country Races: $5

5K Open: $20Preregister by Oct. 29th send email to

*There is a parking fee of $10.00 to get into park grounds.

AWARDS:Open 5K:Individual awards will be awarded to the top three (3) finishers in each division. Male/Female 10-14/15-18/19-24/25-29/30-34/35-39/40-44/45-49/50-54/55-59/60-64/ 65+older

Youth Races:Trophies will be awarded to the top three 3 individuals and medals for remaining top 10

Schedule ofEvents:

5K Open@ 7:45 AM

Walk-Through@ 8:10

  • 8&U(2k)
  • Girls @ 8:40 AM
  • Boys @ 8:55 AM
  • 9&10(3K)
  • Girls @ 9:15 AM
  • Boys @ 9:35AM
  • U7 Costume Race @ 10:00 AM
  • 11&12(3K)
  • Girls @ 10:05 AM
  • Boys @ 10:30 AM
  • 13&14(4K)
  • Girls @ 10:55 AM
  • Boys @ 11:20 Am

Runners Of the Week










Girls runners of the week

Briana King 13-14(4k) runs personal best time of (18:21)
Madeline Rippe 11-12 (3k) has breaktrough race Finishing 4th for Team Flash
Isabella Contreras 9-10 (3k) keeps improving and moves to 2nd for Team Flash




12049178_623582774411895_874279766230328820_n (2)

12003173_623583941078445_8167708132986947612_n (2)








Boys Runners of the week

Dustin Widrig 8&U(2k): Biggest breaktrough race of the day finishing 7th
Jared Steins 11-12 (3k): Breaks Team Flash Mtsac record 11-12 div 12:15
Ko Akabori 13:14 (4k): Run Personal best time of 15:16 just missing the alltime top 5 list for team Flash






Finn/Dustin&Calvin (8&U) & Jared (11-12) brake Team Flash club records!!

IMG_2010photoBoys 8&U2kbrough their A game to Mtsac with one of the best performances in club history having 3 boys in the top 10 . Finn M. lead the way with a 5th place finish and a time of (11:01) only 7 seconds behind with a breaktrough performance wasDustin W. 7th(11:08) & Calvin K. 8th (11:10) all 3 boys broke the Mtsac 8&U Team Flash record by more than 25 seconds record previously held by Jay centeno(2012)(11:35)

12141518_10208272326914623_8683583646676414768_n12079520_1017867514919857_2568038721125295461_nGirls 8&U2k Emilly R. finished with a time of 12:45.5 good for #3 all time for Team Flash, Running strong races were Maleah Johnson(14:06) & Malaia Reger (16:09)



Boys 9-10 3k Carson R. (13:50) Ben R. (13:52) Luis M. (14:23) all 3 kids broke in to the all time team flash top five Carson #2 Ben #3 & luis #5



DSC_4577Girls 9-10 3k Team (6th of 18) Denise lead the way with a 25th place finish and a time of (14:53) following close by a breaktrough performance New comer Isabella C.(27th) (15:00) ,Sierra 51st (15:24) ,Megan (16:07) and closing our team score was a strong race by Baylin P. (17:42) Nikki (18:36) (Ellie)(22:28)


12049178_623582774411895_874279766230328820_n (2)Boys 11-12 Team 3k (9th of 23) Jared S. run a super race finishing like a bullet coming from 8th to 5th in the last 100 meters with a time and a new club record of 12:15.6 Sebastian C.(13:49) and Ben C(13:51) times good for 4th and 5th Team Flash top 5 all time list. Team flash record of (13:04) previously held by Micah Harrison(2013)




12118880_1017882818251660_6558877171386233366_nGirls 11-12 Team 3k (6th of 18) Lilly M. lead the charge with a time of 13:44 good for #3 all time list Sophia follow with a 1 minute improvement from last years time (14:31) following were Keili(14:48) and a team pack Madeline (15:29) Lily W. (15:30) Aleena (15:35) Amber (15:40) Gracie(18:57)



Boys12003173_623583941078445_8167708132986947612_n (2) 13-14 4kKo Akabori had breaktrough performance race running a personal best time of 15:16.8 just missing the all time top 5 list for team flash.





DSCN0352Girls 13-144kAbigale R. runs personal best time of (16:32) good for #3 all time for team flash, with a breaktrough performance and personal best time Briana K. runs (18:21) Madison (20:08) Aby (20:18)


Note!! 2k and 3k courses at Mtsac are Longer.
2k= 2.56k
3k= 3.25k


Free Spirit/Mt. Sac Inv

DATE/ TIME: Sunday, October 18th 2013 at 9:15 a.m. Course walks at 8:30 a.m

mtsacLOCATION: Mt. SAC Cross Country Course, Walnut, California. Mt Sac does not allow dogs in the XC course areas or on the track. Please honor the school rules;

DIRECTIONS: Mt. SAC is between the Pomona (60) and San Bernardino (10) Fwys. and west of the Orange Fwy (57) Exit on Grand, go south off the 10 freeway from the 60 freeway Exit Grand, go north, and Exit Temple and go west off of the 57 freeway. You will go about 2 or 3 miles to Bonita and turn south into the parking lots. Each of those freeway exits will lead you to Temple and Bonita. Note: SeriousPacing your athlete(s) will result in your athlete(s) being disqualified.

008Race Times(approximate and subject to change
First race will start at 9;15am and will be a rolling schedule!

8&U Girls9:15 am (Maleah, Emily, Natalia,Riley,Malaia)
8&U Boys9:35 am (Cameron,Finn,Calvin,Charles,Daniel,Dustin)
9&10 Girls10:00 am (Sierra,Denise,Baylin,Nikki,Megan,Isabella,Ellie,)
9&10 Boys10:25 am (Ben R.,Luis,Carson)
11&12 Girls10:50 am (Aleena,Keili,Madeline,Lily M.,Sophia,Amber,Lily W.Gracie C.)
11&12 Boys11:15 am (Jared Sebastian Ben C.Isaiah)
13&14 Girls11:40 am (Madison,Brianna,Abigale,Abigail )
13&14 Boys12:10 am(Ko)

  • (all this kids have been preregister)
  • look for Team Flash red conopiesCoach Eric will have bib numbers)
  • Plan ahead and show up no later than 60 minutes before your race
  • Bring extra water and snacks


PARKING FEE is $4.00 and Lot R and S both have yellow boxes where you get the ticket from Or there may be Mt. Sac staff taking the parking fees Have your $ 4.00 ready so you dont have to wait on change and speed up that process.

TEAM AWARDS: Will be given shortly after the points have been tabulated for each division. Teams consist of a minimum three (3) runners and maximum (5) runners per team. All teams with (3to5) members will be scored and considered in the team competition.

AWARDS: Medals will be given to 1st thru 8th place, Participant ribbons will be given to all that didnt get medals. Track pins and ribbons will be given to 25th place and ribbons to the rest in that race.

SNACK BAR Fruits, muffins, coffee, juices, water, sodas, sports drinks, donuts, bagels, Cream cheese, Boiled eggs, and hot dogs and links will be available.