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Chino Hills Flash - CHINO HILLS FLASH TC

Team Flash taking a step forward!

This Pass Sunday 41 Flash kids toe the line at the world famous Mt.SAC course one of the hardest courses in the US, with 25 first year runners the expectations are up in the air. Kids handle themselves like champions attacking the hills and working together.

Official results


8&U. (G) New Comer Denise Y. (25th) wasted no time on showing that she will be one to watch coming championship races. Follow were two 6 year old Emily(47th) and Natalia (62nd)

8&U.(B) Finn M.(16th) and Ben R. (18th) lead the charge to a 4th place team finished. Calvin has a breakthrough race finishing 3rd man for team flash.

9-10(G) Karah R. runs a strong race powering the hills and finishes (41th) Madeline follow with a 1:23 second improvement from last years race. Sierra, Nikki and Grace only had a 17 second gap and will be key coming late races.

9-10(B) Blake and Brandon finished next to each other and will get better with more racing experience. Looking to fill a team in the next couple of weeks.

11-12(G) Lily M. finishes (29th) running a gutsy race. Amber, Abigale, and Keili I. came in with only 7 second gap. This team is coming together.

11-12(B) New comer Andrew has a great first race and runs (14:10) Brandon L. improves :37 seconds from last years time.

13-14 (G) Mikaela R. runs in the front of the race and finishes (10th) Amanda runs personal best by more than a 1:30 seconds

13-14 (B) Micah(16th) and Vicente (18th) lead Team flash to a 6th place team finish. Justin improves by 51 seconds and score 3rd men for team flash.

Cross Country times can only be compare on the same course, Most courses should be the same distances nevertheless that is not the case, the only thing you can do is race the course and come back the year after to see how much you improved. This following kids run the same course and distance in 2013. Mt.Sac courses are also longer in the 2k and 3k here are the Estimated distances.

2k= 2.55k that is about 550m longer

3k= 3.25 or 2 miles about 200m longer


Ben R. 12:34 11:55/-39
Jeremy 13:25 13:17/-8
Amber 14:39 14:48/+9
Keili 15:35 14:55/-40
Sophia 16:51 15:31/-1:20
Madeline 18:18 16:55/-1:23
Abigail 16:16 14:50/-1:26
Kaylee 17:02 17:32/+32
Brandon 16:24 15:47/-37
Mikaela 15:58 15:36/-22
Justin 16:54 16:03/-51
Madison 17:18 16:36/-42

Runners of the Week! Abigail, Mikaela, Justin, Calvin.


XC – Free Spirit/Mt. SAC.


  • When:Sunday Oct 19 2014
  • Where:Mt. San Antonio College
  • 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA, United States (map)
  • Time:Course walk 8:30
  • Parking:$3

More details here:FS 2014 XC invite Youth and Open

Team Flash check arrival time.

  • 8&U(2k(8am)
  • Emily, Ellie, Evangeline, Denise, Natalia
  • Calvin, Finn, Ben, Jeremy, Griffin, Dustin
  • 9&10 (3k) (8:45)
  • Karah, Sierra, Nikki, Gracie, Madeline
  • Blake,Brandon D.
  • 11&12(3k)(9:30)
  • Keili, Aleena, Sophia, Amber, Lily M, Kaylee, Madison, Lily W,
  • Abigale R.
  • Jacob, Ben C., Brandon L.
  • 13&14(4k)(10am)
  • Amanda, Brett, Serena, Mikaela, Abigail
  • Micah,Dylan,Ethan,Vicente,Justin



2014 Cross Country Updates and Results !


Yorba Linda: Hot weather!

Team Results

8&U Girls (3rd) Boys (2nd) Lead by Evangeline R. and Finn M.

9&10 Girls(3rd) top flash runners Karah & Brandon D.

11&12 Girls (5th) Lead by Lilly M. & Brandon L

13& 14 Girls (3rd) Boys (4th) Lead by Mikaela and Jake B.

Runners of the Meet:Finn M./Jake B./Keili I. /Lilly M./

Orange County Youth Meet 2014 Results


Time Machine @ Hemet (hot and steamy )

8&U Girls&Boys Evengeline (9th) Finn M. (8th)

11&12 Girls finish 3rd lead by Lilly M. finishing in 8th

13&14 Serena and Vicente put together good races finishing (8th&12th)

Official results here:2014 TVTM Results

Prado Park Time trial. (Great weather)

Great turn out for a time trial 90% of our kids got to run the course that we will be racing on Nov 2nd.

we will get to compare how much our kids improved in the same course.

Runners of the day: Karah R. and Jake B.

Results here:Prado Time Trial



Laguna Niguel XC Cancel / New race Oct 5th Need RSVP

Team Flash Parents,
Due to unforeseen challenges the South Orange County Wildcats Invitational on Oct 12th has been canceled. Team Flash will have the option to participate on this weeks race at .XC – Temecula Valley Time Machine

When:Sunday, Oct 5th

Where:Diamond Valley Lake Community Park,
1801 Angler Avenue Hemet,CA, United States
Hemet ,Ca 92543

Need to RSVP by 10/2/. Text or email .
Coach Ben will preregister the kids.
Coach Ben Mejia

Race flyer here:TVTM XC Invite 2014 (1)

8/21 SCRR Creekside Park Race

  • Where:Creekside Park, 780 Creekside Dr., Walnut CA 91789
  • When: 8/21/2014 All kids be there at 5:30 pm to register
  • Fee: $5
  • Race times: Race registration starts @ 5:00pm
  • Male – Senior, Junior and Open 6:00pm
  • Female Senior, Junior and Open 6:20pm
  • Male-Freshman, Sophomore and youth 6:40pm
  • Female/Freshman/ Sophomore and youth 7:00pm
  • SCRR-XC-2014Race flyer here.


  • 6/24/1600m or 400m time trial race (Bring flash gear)
  • 6/30/First day of new session
  • 6/30 to 9/5 Monday Wed friday 5:30pm to 6:30(veterans)
  • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm to 6:30(boys republic)
  • 7/1/20141 mile or 2 mile XC time trial Bonelli park(distance only)
  • 7/24 to 7/28(Big Bear Flash running camp) more info to come soon